Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

A hat tip to Noble Pig, who has chivvied me into blog action after a woeful time away from my keyboard - apparently blogging is good for your health. I need to get me some of that.

Two weeks I've been down with the lurgy, that's two whole weeks of my life wasted in bed-ridden hours, days and days of no real senses (taste or smell, sob!), temperatures, fevers, blocked sinuses, exploding heads. It was HIDEOUS!

But yesterday, two days into this brand spanking new year, I woke to my first day of a clear head - I could breathe. And oh boy was it good. So I spent most of the morning revelling in this fact, skipping and dancing round my room to a song which undoubtedly would severely lower my kudos amongst my friends, but which nevertheless makes me feel unbelievably positive. Oh dear, it's playing again...

Then I spent the rest of the day chopping veg, assembling hams, salamis, chicken legs, and Christmas leftovers as a whole host of friends descended from London to help us with our remaining food. Bowl after bowl of steaming and redemptive chicken and vegetable broth (Ma Pea being, as I may have mentioned before, the Queen of soups), spiced homemade date chutney with baked ham, crunchy, cleansing celery and carrot, and the richer creamier Italian cheeses left over from our time in Italy. All in all a thoroughly good day.

I wonder if I'm the only one to have slightly embarrassing songs which I jig away to in the kitchen when compiling whatever the dish of the day is, I'm sure I'm not. Somehow I think when a dish is made with love and happiness, corny as it sounds, it can be tasted!

What song and dish would be your favourite way to get your year off to a riproaring start?


noble pig said...

I hope your heart is beating stronger with the writing! You are off to a good start.

Jo Anne said...

RE cooking and music...I think they are inseperable. Latest favoirte is the Jason Mraz album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.

Impossible not to smile and move, and put godd juju in all that you touch and taste. All this love demands lots of chopping so a steaming caldron of veggie soup results.

Dancing and laughing in the kitchen are major life rules! Add wine or a lovingly assembled cocktail for the best results.

nibblescribbler said...

Excellent 'recipe for happiness' JAM...couldn't agree more. I love the song too, will add it into my mixture! xxx