Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am sure those reading are just desperate, DESPERATE to know exactly how much I ended up spending over the five days of My So-Frugal Life.

Who am I to deny you the details?

I was quite interested myself, but I should add the caveat which is that, in the interest of really truly using up the fridge's fairly plentiful contents, I have had a helping hand in the old ingredients department. It does put a slight skew on the results.

But, in terms of actual, bought items from the shopping list:

Butternut Squash £1.67
Parsley £0.99
Leeks £1.59
Whole Chicken £2.46 (I apparently lied previously)
6 Sausages £2.59
Little Gem lettuce £0.88
6 eggs £1.52
carrots £0.49
1 kidney £0.45
Total: £12.64

Actually, even I'm surprised by how piddly that amount is, which is why it's necessary to state that I already had a lot of the basics: garlic, onions, rice, salt, pepper, potatoes, a lot of vegetables, any storecupboard items.

I'd be interested in carrying out the experiment from a real starting point which, hopefully, if I'm ever able to restart my existence away from the parental abode, I'll get a chance to explore. I will give some details of 'stocking up your storecupboard with staples' and where to find cheapy cheapies. There's no denying it, I've turned into a frugal food fiend!

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