Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guest Writer: Sam the Tea Man

In what is probably a welcome break from my obsession with economics and frugality, I'd like to introduce my new, and much loved, guest writer. Sam the Tea Man. To set the background - Sam and I are bestest buds, and one of our main shared obsessions/enjoyments/little pleasures, is a cup of tea. We drink tea in, we drink tea out, it's often all we'll talk about. So we decided it was high time we made a joint project of it. I asked Sam if he'd like to start writing blog entries of about 250 words detailing his tea exploits. I'm sure you'll agree that the results are rather hilarious. So here, unadulterated and true to form, is Sam's first blog entry following our teablog discussion.

Blog Number: 0 Introduction Let’s Get Going

There are few things in life as glorious as a perfect cup of tea, except perhaps a perfect cup of tea together with a perfect biscuit ready to be either dunked in the tea or nibbled between mouthfuls.

I, along with many many other people love a good cup of tea, indeed “Lets put the kettle on” or “Get a brew on” are often the first thing I’ll say when entering a room, (depending on the company of course). So, in this series of completely irregular blogs, I’m going to be talking about my experiences of tea drinking.

In the famous words of Mr Scruff

So, where am I writing this first historic entry in the Great Food Lovers Annals? My mum’s kitchen table? A Tea Room in the Devonshire country side? My friends room at university? Nope…….32,000ft above Europe on my return from holiday, in seat 11B of a …………Boeing 737-436 according to the safety card.

I’m next to a man who is sleeping off the 3 bottles of wine, 2 shots of rum and can of Carlsberg he consumed after dinner and my girlfriend who has “borrowed” my book to read, so faced with a blamk sheet of paper I thought I’d rise to the challenge set by the site’s owner & write about something we both love, tea. I don’t think I’ve written this much since my GCSE English exam so apologies if it’s rubbish, but give me a few entries to get going, 250 words is the target each time (a good number according to a journalist friend, and as I’m about……38+60+52+109 I’d best curtail my introduction & start thinking about my first entry.

271, is that ok Miss Editor? As this is hand written, what counts as a word? i.e., does N.b. count, or indeed i.e.? Why doesn’t everyone who reads this count how many words they think there are and then compare with MS Word total and maybe we’ll learn about words as well as tea (eventually) and all be better people because of it. Now I’m at 342, is that too many?

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