Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guest Writer: Sam the Tea Man really gets going

Blog Number: 1a Extra Words Brainstorming Topics

Buoyed with the ease of which this rubbish is rolling off my tongue, I thought I’d go for another “one” & since I haven’t had/didn’t get another cup from BA, I can’t really call this Blog #2, so here’s #1a.

I’ve not really thought about how this would work, not just the number, the whole blog really.

I’m good at bullet points (one of my good Top Trump Suits along with Admin, Languages & Singing are my worst I would say, although the jury’s still out on Blog \Writing!).

Each Blog will:

  • Be based around a tea drinking experience, with a cup of tea conaumed whilst I’m at the seat.

  • The tea will be judged, both in terms of…..well whatever I see ft really.

  • Try to give the reader some idea of the venue, so they can decide if they want to do the same

  • Probably have some sort of ramblings about something, the topic of which will almost certainly depend on what mood I’m in etc etc.

To help myself out (and to use up the remaining words), I though I’d list the Tea Relatated Places/Topics that could form the basis of my additional ramblings if I’m struggling for inspiration. These were as follows in the order I thought of them.

Tea with Mum @ home/in the garden.

Tea with Lex’ Parents, or not quite (the first time I met them)

Turkey Tea – Cay

Ginger Tea

European Tea

53 Carlyle Rd Tea

Desk at Work

Somerset B&B

Tea Rooms

Alone in my flat.

With friends in my flat

With my sister

Why am I doing this?

Does tea & Haribo work?

Does Lapsangsu-Shong actually taste of ash trays?

Phew, another 285 done, just as we land. Lets see how my enthusiasm & momentum go with regard to when I next have 250 words in mt, but until then………Brew Well My Friends.

(Do I need a cheesy line at the end of each thing, or is that a waste of words? Does anyone care? Does anyone read this except my Mum?)

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